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We recondition many steering and hydraulic parts to suit commercial vehicles.

We recondition Steering Boxes , Steering Pumps, Steering Racks , Hydraulic Rams.

We are able to help with commercial vehicles , agricultural applications. We have reconditioned steering boxes for buses, wagons,road sweepers etc...We have reconditioned hydraulic rams for JCB diggers, dustbin wagons, dumper trucks, helicopter the scope is varied, but available.

Price would be given at time of enquiry and if the product is not available from stock, then the usual time to recondition is 48 - 72 hours.

Please submit your enquiry via the CONTACT US form or call on 01924 492333 where we will be very happy to help.

We bench test every product prior to its re-sale and offer an 18,000 miles / 12 months guarantee.